Blog Brother Episode 3 – Never Turn Your Back on a Renegade or I Love Bubbles

I know that you’ve waited a long time for this guys, but the Olympics have been happening, and frankly, priorities guys. Priorities. But it’s okay, because BLOG BROTHER EPISODE 3 IS HERE! Let’s begin, shall we?

And the games are a foot! We’ve got our first two nominations – Frank and Kara. Time for Boogie and Dan (AKA Chilltown) to go into damage control mode. The coaches are coaching, the Bosom Buddies (is that the name I’m using for Britney and Janelle now? I don’t even remember) are celebrating. It’s Big Brother all right. Frank’s talking to Willie to try and figure out why Willie put him up. Willie says he doesn’t like Boogie. Frank brings up an interesting point in that the coaches don’t really care which houseguest wins, as long as it’s one of theirs, so as much as the coaches are there to help them, it can definitely be a hindrance. Will Frank be the first player to turn against his coach? Haven’t the commercials said as much?

As usual, the returning houseguests are the dominate personalities in the house. Britney and Janelle are completely controlling their side of things while Dan and Boogie completely control their side of things. Frank is the only one who seems to be deviating from this mold.

Team Blonde? Bosom Buddies is a much better nickname.

Ian can kick himself in the head. IAN CAN KICK HIMSELF IN THE HEAD! #THATSMYPLAYER #SIGH

Time to pick players for the veto competition! Frank doesn’t want Shane or Danielle to be picked. Shane and Danielle get picked. LOL. I forgot Kara and Danielle are in an “alliance”. They were the original Bosom Buddies, but they don’t deserve a nickname because let’s face it – that’s not a real alliance. Now Frank and Shane… they can be the MACHO MEN! Except Dan and Boogie are the Manipulative Men. Shoot. They are… screw it.

Is Ashley still in this house? I don’t think she’s been seen this episode yet.

Britney and Boogie are having a nice little sit down chat. Apparently… they are speaking for the very first time? Boogie, that’s an awful move for a social player. Boogie isn’t really as smooth as he thinks he is. I think he’s beginning to realize that maybe it wasn’t the smartest move to threaten Britney. According to Janelle, this is just how Boogie plays the game: “He loves to intimidate women”. UH OH! MYSOGYNY!

Now Boogie is trying to throw Dan under the bus by getting Kara voted out. Whatever happened to the MM bro? WHATEVER HAPPENED TO CHILLTOWN PART DEUX? Boogie is… really playing poorly this season. Janelle and Britney hate him. He’s leaving Dan behind. Who does he think he’s fooling? Now Janelle has gone and told Dan what Boogie said. Guess the Manipulative Men are over. Sigh… there goes that nickname. NEVER TURN YOUR BACK ON A RENEGADE! YOU’RE GOING TO GET STABBED MIKE!

Jojo’s trying to teach Danielle how to say things in “New York”. Danielle’s trying to teach Jojo how to say things in “South”. Idiots.

#POWEROFVETO guys. #POWEROFVETO! “I love BUBBLES!” There’s Ashley! It’s a laundromat themed challenge. As always, I forgot to listen to the instructions, so let’s see if we can figure this out as we go. There are washing machines and giant coins and they need to be inserted into vending machines. You need to insert $1.30 in exact change and there are $0.05 cent coins, $0.25 coins, and $1 coins. They’re all hidden under the bubbles and you must throw them into the vending machines. Looks like there are $0.05 coins everywhere. Kara, Danielle, and Wil are utterly worthless here. “Throw it underhand Danielle!” Dan shouts as she throws it overhand. Frank and Willie have been finding $1 coins. Shane has gotten a bunch of quarters. Shane and Willie both have $1.25 and… Shane wins it! Shane is so excited. Frank, in his own words, really dropped the ball here. There’s no way Shane is going to take anyone off. He’d be an idiot to do that.

But… as Shane states, it is an individual game, despite what the coaches think. He has every right to use it and she still has to be his coach. Dude, Kara totally likes you! Take her off! Get yourself a model wife! You flip houses for a living which means you’re unemployed. This is your only shot at a girl like Kara! Of course, he could take Frank off and it sounds like Frank is considering jumping ship. He knows that the Boogie/Dan alliance is going down in flames and he’s ready to switch sides. Man, how is this going to work? Now Dan’s talking to Boogie. Boogie’s telling him that he’s not a target next week if he uses the veto on Frank. Boogie thinks he can still control his team. I’m… not sure I’d trust Boogie. He’s a little overconfident. Granted, the houseguests might not know that so… we’ll see how this shapes up.

Wait, IS ASHLEY STILL IN THIS GAME?! Am I crazy? WHERE DID SHE GO?! Oh, there she is. Hah.

So, somewhat expectedly, Shane doesn’t use the power of veto. EXCITING! Boogie’s fairly confident Kara’s gone. And so am I, because let’s face it, that happened on July 19th. #SPOILERZ

Sorry this wasn’t a very funny episode of Blog Brother. Sometimes I get a little too invested in the game to really mock anyone. Except for Ashley. Will she be in the next episode? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON AN ALL-NEW, OUTDATED EPISODE OF BLOOOGGGGG BROTHER!!!


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