Blog Brother Episode 4 – #WHERESASHLEY

IT’S THE VERY FIRST LIVE ELIMINATION OF BIG BROTHER 14!!! And if that wasn’t “exciting” enough, I was promised an uprising in this episode! As Julie so helpfully stated, since the beginning of this season, the coaches have run things. Will the players actually shake things up? FIND OUT TONIGHT ON AN ALL-NEW, ALL-IRRELEVANT EPISODE OF BLOOOOGGGG BROTHER!

Time for the campaigning to begin. Willie tells Frank that he’s safe, so he’s going to try to convince his alliance to get rid of Kara. They all agree that if you’re playing a team-game, Kara has to go. If you’re playing individually, Frank needs to go. They also agree that Kara is playing Dan’s game, whereas Frank isn’t necessarily playing Boogie’s game.

Oooh, now Janelle is turning on her team. She’s talking to Dan about how stupid her team is for wanting to get Kara out. Britney’s worried that Janelle’s going to jump ship, which is a legitimate concern except it doesn’t make sense because she’s not actually playing the game? I HOPE THINGS EXPLODE SOON!

Wow. Britney just dropped a bomb. She noticed that there are keyholes beside the pictures of the coaches, leading her to suspect that at some point, the coaches are going to enter the game as players. One of her reasons for suspecting that is because of the lack of players – after tonight, there will only be 10 contestants left and the jury usually consists of 9. Honestly, I’ve been wondering the same thing myself – 12 is the lowest number of starting players they’ve had in a while. Britney may have just cracked this whole thing open… and then she told Willie about it.

Uh oh, drama’s coming! Willie decides that he wants to call a house meeting without the coaches. Is he going to spill Britney’s theory? Dan says that if it were one of his players, he’d have put a stop to it. Willie’s going on a huge power trip right now. He’s claiming that it’s stupid how they’re all being played against each other by their coaches and that they need to turn against them and start playing the game individually. Everyone’s paranoid. This is good stuff.


All of this rebellion talk has worried Frank. He wants to make sure he’s still good Willie. Despite Willie’s reassurances, Frank is still worried. Now he’s finding out from Joe that Willie has instructed his alliance to split the votes so that nobody knows they’re in an alliance. Willie’s playing a dangerous game here. He’s playing too smart and too hard too fast I think.

Now Joe is telling Wil that Frank told him that Willie was mocking Wil’s voice. Hoo boy, this is getting out of control FAST. Britney’s trying to defend him, but I think this is all going to blow up real quick. Britney’s now telling Willie that the rest of the house is gunning for him due to his mocking of Wil. So just like that, Willie has turned against Frank. Let the fireworks begin.

Willie confronts Frank in the backyard. He says “I’ve been trying to save you and you come and slander me?” Frank accuses Willie of not being as loyal as he thinks he is. I’m not going to bother recapping everything they say. Just know that Willie is pissed off and Frank is standing up for himself. I think I’m on Frank’s side here. Everything he has said about Willie is true and Willie’s denying all of it. Now Boogie’s getting into it: “Are you the boss of all these people? Who put you in charge? Are you all going to get bullied by him?” Britney seems distraught. She should be – she did this.

Time for live crap. “Hey Jojo, what’s the mood in the house currently?” “Why you gotta axe me that?” Sounds like there’s still some tension in the house. Good.  “Wil, give us one word to describe the past 13 days in the house.” “Um… OH GOODNESS!” That’s two words dumbass. “Ashley, give us one word to describe the past 13 days in the house.” “Loosy goosy!” That’s two words dumbass.

Time for speeches. Frank’s up first: “Don’t let bullies tell you what to do. Don’t let your coaches tell you what to do. Unless your coaches tell you to keep me.” Kara says something similar about voting for yourself and not for your teams. Sounds like these houseguests have been emancipated. Time for the votes!

Willie – HOH

Frank – Nominee

Kara – Nominee

Danielle – Frank

Shane – Frank

Joe – Kara

Ian – Kara

Jojo – Frank

Jenn – Kara

Wil – Kara

Ashley – Kara

Jodi – Evicted

Kara, you have been evicted from the Big Brother House

According to some Twitter dude at the bottom of my screen, Kara’s too hot to be evicted. Well said, anonymous internet douche. So it looks like Dan’s team and Britney’s team voted for Frank while Boogie’s team and Janelle’s team voted for Kara. Interesting… What happened to Janelle’s little alliance?

“I’m going to miss those long legs that make everyone feel welcome.” Really Shane?

Even Hugh Hefner tweeted “Go Kara”. So… she’s going to be in Playboy then?

Nevermind… she’s already done Playboy…

Time for the live HOH competition. Earlier that morning, there was a “BBTV Breaking News” alert. Apparently there was a cat burglar in the Big Brother house and these special reports would be running all night long. These challenges are always fun, especially for the live stream crowd, because the houseguests have to keep waking up all night long. Guys, Ian is LOVING this.

In the “Big Brother Break-In” challenge, the houseguests are going to be asked a series of questions based on what the burglar did in the special broadcasts. They must vote on whether or not the burglar was guilty of doing something or not-guilty of doing something. First question: The burglar is accused of stealing a carpet tile – guilty or not guilty. The answer is guilty. Everyone gets it right. The burglar is accused of taking a total of two bites of food while in the storage room. Not-guilty. Shane is out. The burglar is accused of shaving his right leg. Guilty. Frank and Wil are the only two who remain. While attempting to steal a sneaker of the shelf, the burglar is accused of not wearing a hat. Guilty. They both get it wrong. After drinking the milk, the burglar is accused of not putting the cap back on the container. Not-guilty. Both right. While doing the robot dance, the burglar is accused of not wearing gloves. Guilty. Frank is the new HoH. I’m sure Boogie is beside himself with joy.

And now Julie promises us a new wrinkle for the coaches! The coach who wins the coach challenges can either keep a player safe or choose to trade a player for another player. Everyone is eligible except the HoH.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ve heard that things get quite heated in the days to come. Curious? YOU’LL HAVE TO TUNE INTO THE NEXT EPISODE OF BLOG BROTHER (or just go on the internet) TO FIND OUT!


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