Blog Brother Episode 6: Dippin’ Into Some Good Stuff

Guys, how can we follow up the craziness of the last episode? I DON’T KNOW! LET’S FIND OUT RIGHT NOW PLEASE OKAY!!

Ian says that he wanted to split up Joe and Willie’s fight. HAHAHA, Ian, you’re so cute. That’s like a piece of spaghetti wanting to break up a fight between a moose and a bull. Or something.

Britney’s upset because everyone hates her team (because of Willie), Shane’s upset because he thinks he’s a target (because of Willie), but Boogie and Janelle are THRILLED! Two-for-one they say. Boogie wants to pull the entire “put up two pawns and then backdoor the real target” trick with Shane. Everyone’s like “Eh…” because let’s face it, that just about NEVER works. I’d be apprehensive as well.

Jojo and Shane are panicking because they were loyal to Willie. Jojo’s argument is that everyone is remaining loyal to their coaches and their players, and the other houseguests are blaming Jojo and Shane for that. I can see both sides of the argument – Jojo was certainly justified in sticking with her team, like everyone else did, but Frank needs to nominate people and this Willie nonsense is a good excuse to keep his hands clean.

Wow, I didn’t even realize that we missed the nominations last episode. Hah. Time for nominations then. Ashley is exempt. Jenn is safe. Ian is safe. Joe is safe. Wil is safe. Danielle is safe. Shane and Jojo are nominated for eviction. WAHT A TWIST!!!

I feel bad for Britney. She got dealt a bum card.

Sorry, I stopped paying attention for a bit. Something about people worried about Shane and Jojo winning the veto. Like with every veto competition. Time to pick the players. Ian’s up first, then Ashley, and then Wil. Joe hosts. Because you needed to know.

Oh guys, Ashley wants to be “wifed” up. She wants babies and a hubby. Ashley’s now talking about ideal man – he is roughly 5 years older than her, preferably owns his own business, doesn’t have to be a looker (“I’ve dated my share of frogs”), loves going out to eat, loves snacks, loves going out to movies, and is a super family guy who loves to play monopoly all night long. She wants a guy who, when he walks into a room, looks at nobody but her. Oh, and her ideal man also likes to travel, has a good sense of humor, likes to work out, looks at stars, eats food, sleeps, and… I think that’s all. “I think that what you’re describing is very very realistic” Dan says. Ashley.

Alright, Veto comp. Let’s go. It’s Mexican themed. Or fiesta themed. Or whatever. The six competing houseguests are dressed as nacho chips. Ashley’s excited because she knows that “this chip is gunna be dippin’ into some good stuff”. So they have to dive into vats of dip and find ingredients. They have to then place the food items into their menus in the correct order. The most correctly ordered menu items in the least amount of time wins. Ian’s at a great advantage because he has a practically photographic memory. Ashley’s got a great strategy – she would go to the board and remember the first letters of each menu item. She feels like fajita was spelled weird (fudgitas). Shane’s the first to ring his bell, locking in his menu selection. Ian’s second. Jojo is third. Frank is fourth. Wil is fifth. Ashley is, unsurprisingly, last. She even rings the bell slowly. Janelle thinks Ashley did a great job. Are you an idiot Janelle? Ashley only got 13 right, despite taking way longer than everyone else. Everyone else got all 16 correct, meaning that Shane won the Veto. Britney was so excited that she ran and tackled Shane in the dip. Super cute.

Shane wants to work with Frank. He’s decided to play it individually. Boogie’s down. He sees Shane as an injured pet who will remain loyal if he takes him in. That’s… demeaning. So it sounds that Boogie has brought Shane into the fold. Shane’s gone back to Britney and is pretending that there were no deals made. Looks like Boogie was right.

So, this means that Danielle is pretty much guaranteed to go up, and she knows it – she’s always known it. She’s devastated. Dan’s coaching technique is “I’m not going to help you.” I don’t think Danielle is responding well to it. He’s trying to light a fire underneath her so that she starts to help herself. I don’t think it’s working. Danielle looks pretty defeated. Can she use her feminine wiles to sway Shane? Will Dan come through for her? Poor girl. The mascara is running.

Shane’s got a plan though. He wants to backdoor Wil. Why? Who knows? He just doesn’t want Danielle or Jojo gone. The idea is that the three of them will remain loyal to Frank in the coming weeks and focus on removing Janelle’s team. Uh oh…

Yup Danielle’s completely given up. Unfortunately for her, when Shane uses the Veto, Frank puts her up. Is her fate sealed? Coach Dan claims he’s got a secret plan! Will Jojo go down without a fight? NOT ACCORDING TO HER! WHO WILL WIN?! WHO WILL DIE?! FIND OUT NEXT EPISODE ON BLLOOOOGGGGG BROTHER!!!!!!!


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