Blog Brother Episode 9 – I Do Like Your Chanel Earrings…


Joe and Ashley. Ashley and Joe. Mr. Angry-Yells-A-Lot Vs. The Frog Princess. Ashley sounds drunk when she’s in the diary room. Do they allow alcohol in that house? Or is she just drunk on SORROW?!

Oh, time for Boogie to brag about how great he is at Big Brother. SIGH. One of these times it’s not going to go his way and he is going to be EATING IT.

Now Britney is apologizing to Janelle. Which is just… so weird. Because neither of them did ANYTHING to the other. This is SUCH a weird season. Like… weird. Janelle is being all “Brit… we’re good, okay? Like… I wanna work with you!” Which is exactly what somebody in her position should say. Britney realizes that. Good for you Britney.

Janelle’s team is upset and Janelle wants them to kiss Shane’s ass but they don’t want to be seen as ass kissers. Time to be the coach Janelle. Let them know how it’s done.

“JANELLE’S COMING TO ME WITH ALL OF THIS WOMANLY ADVICE ABOUT LOVE AND BUTTERFLIES!” Oh Joe. He wants to go tell Shane that he is PISSED. Because THAT will help is game FOR SURE. Oh Joe. You’re such a MAN! But he does what Janelle said and he goes upstairs and sucks up to Shane. Shane’s not making it easy for him though… Shane’s ego is out of control… and Joe may be out of control as well. He’s running his mouth and going on about how angry he is. YOU WERE DOING SO GOOD JOE!!! Shane’s wearing a pink tank top.

VETO PICKING TIME! Let’s pretend to be excited. Shane picks future girlfriend Danielle. Ashley gets houseguests choice and picks Wil. Joe picks Frank. HAHAHAHAHA. Oh Joe. “Jenn-City” is picked as host. Jenn-City? What? What is that? How could that nickname possibly have come about?

Alright, so it’s a circus themed Veto competition. Ian thinks “Hey, I can kick myself in the face, I could definitely be in the circus.” The participating houseguests are wearing clown costumes. Jenn is an awful host. The clowns have to role two balls up two different ramps, one on each side. They have to keep both of them rolling at the same time. As soon as one ball falls, they are eliminated. Wil is the first person eliminated. SURPRISING. Joe is eliminated. Frank is eliminated. Danielle is eliminated. Shane really likes wearing pink. I mean… there’s nothing wrong with that… but this is HOT pink. Twice in one episode. Ashley makes a great catch to keep herself in the game, but unfortunately, she loses it. Shane wins POV, so he can keep his nominations the same, RIGHT?!?!?!

Joe is yelling again. Does he have an indoor voice? Does he ever speak at a room level volume?

“You’re so lucky you picked me” Shane says to Britney. She does seem pretty excited. Haha, Britney’s Janelle impression is hilarious. And so is her Joe impression. Janelle’s come up to negotiate with Britney. She admits that her team can’t win anything. Janelle wants Britney to trust her, so she’s giving her her wedding ring for the next three weeks. Oh, and she also has some Chanel earrings… “I do like your Chanel earrings…”

“Boogie’s probably scheming”. Cut to scene of Boogie, Frank, and Ian discussing Boogie’s workout routine. Nice editing #CBS.

Time for coach Janelle to teach Joe how to grovel. “IT’S DO OR DIE TIME FOR JOE ARVIN. EITHER I DO OR I DIE!” SHUT UP JOE. “If a person’s hanging off a cliff and you save that person, that person typically becomes one of the most loyal people you’ll ever meet. I’m hanging off a cliff.” Nice anthology Joe. Joe’s actually getting emotional here. Something about how hard it is to leave his family and stuff. He says that he’ll absolutely take out his own team. Interesting. Joe claims that if Shane saves him, he’s got Shane’s back until the end. Yeah, we’ll see about that.

Time for the sushi party that Dan won last episode. Guys, I don’t like sushi. Not a fan. Boogie actually owns a large Japanese restaurant that serves sushi, so… you know… humble brag. This was Danielle’s first time eating sushi and she tried the tempyura…

It’s also Wil’s birthday and he’s refusing to let anyone have a better time than him. And… he’s wearing a sailor’s cap, a jacket and tight black underwear. Oh look, there is alcohol in the house. “LETTT’SSS PLAY SPIN THE BOTTLE!!!!” Ian gets Ashley and he GOES for it. Ian sensed a little hesitation on Ashley’s part. Shane gets Danielle and they REALLY go for it. Wow. “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe that he kissed me!!!” Oh Danielle. SHOWMANCES UP IN THIS BIZNITCH!

Britney’s freaking out because Ian wouldn’t tell her that Shane wouldn’t be going up on the block next week. Britney and Shane are now deciding that they can’t trust Boogie, so they’re considering backdoor-ing Frank.

Shane and Frank talk. Frank says that he and Boogie don’t tell Ian things until right before the vote. Frank thinks that maybe they should put Ian up to give him a bit of a slap in the face. ALWAYS LOOKING OUT FOR HIS TEAM THAT FRANK!

As always, #CBS has edited the proceedings so that you really have no idea what’s going to happen. Unless, of course, the Veto ceremony happened weeks ago! HAHA. Frank’s worried. Joe’s worried. Janelle’s confident. Boogie’s confident. Ashley respects… Shane’s beast mode comeback? WHAT? He’s not a Transformer Ashley… Joe is saying that all of the great presidents have used the power of Veto – be like a president Shane. Wow. What an… interesting speech. Anyways, Shane uses the Power of Veto on Ashley and puts Frank up in her place. Janelle’s happy. Boogie is not. Guess you shouldn’t have been so confident buddy.

Alright. That was a bit of a slower episode. Hopefully the next episode of BLLOOGGG BROTHER picks things up a bit. C U THEN!


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