Blog Brother Episode 10 – You Can Bounce Cheques


Joe and Frank are up for eviction. How did Frank’s nomination go over? Well… Boogie’s not happy. Ashley’s ecstatic though! “YAAAY I DID IT!” You did? Really? DID YOU ASHLEY?! Shane’s telling Frank that he’s safe, but he’s apparently the real target. Even Joe’s feeling better. Boogie’s angry because Frank suspected that he was going up and he didn’t tell Boogie. UH OH. DRAMA. Britney goes in and clears things up with Boogie. They’re still placing all of the blame on Ian.

Ashley’s confounding everyone with her talk of the spiritual world again. I can’t even recap this portion because I don’t understand what they’re talking about, but it sounds like everyone’s gunning for Frank. IT’S DECIDED (not)!

Ian’s freaking out. I don’t think he talks to anybody, so he’s really got no idea what’s going on in this game. Poor guy. He thinks that he was clear with Britney. Apparently he wasn’t clear enough. “I just didn’t want to write a cheque that I couldn’t cash.” “This is the Big Brother House. You can bounce cheques!” Good advice from Boogie.

Janelle and Britney are talking about labour. According to Janelle, it’s the worst pain ever. “Did you cry?” “I don’t cry.” Apparently Janelle doesn’t feel emotions. “Do you get really happy?” “… No.” “Do you ever get sad?” “If I start to get sad I change my emotion.” JANELLE’S A ROBOT!!!

Guys, it goes against the entire point if I spend more than 10 seconds on it…

Wil’s upset because Janelle implied that if it wasn’t for her, he’d be on his way home. Wil’s really starting to get fed up with Janelle. He doesn’t like her condescending attitude. He says he’s not a worthless player in this game, even though he kind of is. “What is his deal?” Joe asks. “He’s just a bitchy, bitchy guy” Janelle replies. The next morning, Wil asks Joe what he thinks of Janelle. Joe goes on the defensive, but Wil says that Janelle should be scared.

Now Joe and Ashley are talking about Wil’s feelings toward Janelle. Joe thinks that Wil has changed sides. Time to clear the air (with everyone except Wil). Ashley doesn’t understand what the word “jeopardy” means. Janelle, a word of advice… the guy who is mad at you isn’t going to appreciate you referring to him as “crazy”, “nutty”, and “bitchy”.

So Janelle takes Wil aside and apologizes. Janelle’s now pretending to cry to make sure that Wil’s still on her side. ROBOT! “you don’t know how much you mean to me in this game Wil.” Wil’s not an idiot though. “Act 1, Scene 2 – Insert waterworks”. So Janelle’s pretending that she likes Wil and Wil’s pretending that he likes Janelle. Oh, this is going to end WELL.

Frank’s now campaigning with Dan and Danielle. Double Dan. I feel like we haven’t seen Dan in ages. Boogie and Frank are promising Dan that Danielle is safe if she aligns with them. Frank asks Dan how much he trusts him and Boogie, on a scale of 1-to-10, with different numbers for each. Boogie wants to know why he can’t rank his trust of the two of them with one number. They all laugh.

Danielle’s somehow become caught in the middle of all of this. “Who are you voting with?” “Shane.” “Stop liking Shane. I command you to stop liking him. He’s not your husband. He’s not your new boyfriend”. “I wasn’t even thinking along those lines.” “Yes you were. No one gets between me and my Shane.” HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Julie’s calling Danielle out on her kiss with Shane. “On a scale of 1-to-10, how would you rate that kiss?” Danielle says 10. Shane says 10.5. What an ass. Now Julie’s showing highlights from the coaches competition. She asks Janelle if it was as easy as she made it look. “No, it was actually really hard. I had bruises all down my legs.” “Well I’m sorry to hear that.” “Yeah”. WHAT AN AWKWARD EXCHANGE!

Poor Danielle. Shane has shut the door on a possible showmance. Says it’s bad for his game.

Frank’s dad is Sid Vicious. THAT’S A FAMOUS PERSON! I don’t actually know who Sid Vicious is, although I do recognize the name. Apparently he’s the master and the ruler of the world. Frank and his dad are at odds because Sid Vicious wanted him to play college sports and Frank Vicious didn’t want to? Ooookay.

This is what a sid vicious looks like

Time for Julie to break the results of America’s Choice to the houseguests. In the least surprising turn ever, America has decided to offer the coaches the chance to get back into the game as players. If the coaches choose to enter the game, the game is reset. No elimination, everyone competes for HOH individually. It only takes one coach to reset the game. If all four choose not to reset the game then next week some former houseguests will be brought back in. I know that the game is going to be reset but I can’t help but be curious about what would have happened next week had the coaches not joined the fray.

Britney enters the diary room. She hesitates… but she hits the reset button. That means that the coaches enter the game, no matter what. Boogie turns it down. Interesting. “Time to get dirty, punch it in, let’s go.” Dan hits the reset button. Janelle hits the reset button as well. SORRY BOOGIE!

So the game has been reset. No eviction. No returning house guests. No coaches. It all starts from scratch. WE’VE GOT A WHOLE NEW BALLGAME FOLKS!!!

“Walk The Plank” In this HOH competition, the houseguests hold onto the side of the ship (which will, of course, tilt. I’m sure some kind of wetness will be splattered on them. Or wind. Or something.). If they fall, they’re done. Pretty simple. It’s an endurance challenge, meaning it won’t be finished this episode… so… I GUESS THAT’S IT!!! TUNE IN NEXT TIME FOR ANOTHER EXCITING EPISODE OF BLLOOOGGGGGGGG BRROOOOTTTHHHEERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!


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