Blog Brother Episode 11 – Straight Up Gangsta Right There

Okay, I’m watching this episode while eating, so… this blog will suck. LET’S GO!


Really Ian? The coaches entering the Big Brother house as players is the biggest twist in Big Brother history? REALLY? You wouldn’t consider like… having two twins in the house at the same time a big twist? As a Big Brother superfan, that’s a pretty dumb thing to say. BRITNEY CALLED IT TWO WEEKS AGO!

Boogie is way too confident. You were running this game? About to win? In who’s opinion?

So Dan’s the only one admitting that he hit the button?

Ian asks “What did the reset button look like?” Janelle replies “It was a big huge button”. THIS IS GOOD STUFF!

Boogie jumps off after a minute and ten seconds. He doesn’t want to be seen as a threat. Jenn drops 2 minutes later. A minute later Joe falls. Ashley falls after 1 hour and 51 minutes. Dan goes 4 minutes later. Frank drops at about 2:13. 6 left. Lots of interesting possibilities right now. 2:43 in, Shane and Wil both jump. It’s interesting to me that everyone still thinks that their coach alliances are golden. They hit a reset button. All bets are off. 2:49 Janelle drops. Ian tries to make a deal with Danielle. Dan goes coach-crazy and starts giving her this crazy pep talk. Ian’s struggling. Britney’s struggling. Danielle says they’re safe. 3 hours and 13 minutes, the two drop. Danielle wins. Shane jumps in and kisses her like he promised to. Crazy. Danielle’s kind of backed herself into a corner though… I mean, Dan’s safe, Britney’s safe, Shane’s safe, Ian’s safe, Wil’s safe… Okay, that’s not as many as I thought. Still I’m seeing a bit of an alliance forming. Maybe old loyalties will carry through.

Question – why do houseguests let their loyalties show so clearly? When these competitions are going on, everyone cheers specifically for the people they want to win. Wouldn’t it be a good game move to just encourage anyone who’s struggling?

Dan made a huge mistake telling Boogie that Frank was going to be back-doored (how many different ways have I typed backdoored?). Now Boogie’s going around trying to figure out who lied to him. Britney’s freaking out. Shane’s freaking out. Danielle’s freaking out. Dan’s sorry.


Ian and Ashley are hanging out <3. Ashley couldn’t care less. Shane’s working out right across from them. Ashley can’t get enough. Aw, Ian’s trying to win Ashley’s heart through humor and personality. Ashley thinks that Shane is “straight up gangsta right there”.

Boogie and Frank are talking about their bad attitudes. “You were lookin’ to clown, like, punk us out like bitches?” They don’t feel like talking game or strategizing. Good way to play guys. Now Boogie’s saying that he’d feel offended if he wasn’t nominated. Oh Boogie.

Danielle isn’t sure what to do. Dan wants Wil and Frank up, but Danielle doesn’t want to piss Wil off.

Let’s get to those nominations, shall we? No one’s exempt this week. Britney is safe. Ian is safe. Dan is safe. Janelle is safe. Jenn is safe. Shane is safe. Ashley is safe. Joe is safe. Boogie is safe. Wil and Frank are nominated. Wil’s pissed. Technically Wil, she told you that you would be safe, not that you wouldn’t go up on the block. “Do these people know who I am? I am thoroughly insulted that you’d give me my key.” Boogie, do you have a death wish? FIND OUT IF HE DOES NEXT TIME ON A CRAZY EXCITING EPISODE OF BLOOOOOGGGG BROTHER!!!


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