Blog Brother Episode 12 – Do You Have To Go To The Bathroom?

That last blog was nice and short. I kind of like that format. LET’S SEE HOW LONG THIS ONE IS?!

Danielle’s balling up in the HOH room, telling Wil that he’s the pawn and that she doesn’t want him gone. Now Wil is crying because he thinks he’s not cut out for this game. Danielle felt so bad which is why she immediately brought Wil up to the HOH room. “Thanks for bringing me up here though.” “I’M SO SORRY!” They’re both BAWLING.

Boogie goes “I can’t stand her” and the editors cut to the POUTIEST FACE I’VE EVER SEEN! Boogie and Frank hate everyone.

Dan and Janelle are wondering what crawled up Boogie’s butt and died. They can’t figure out why he doesn’t want to work with the other coaches. Now Dan is trying to convince him that he needs to stick with them. Boogie’s saying that he can’t trust anyone. Boogie’s sequestering himself with Frank, building up Chilltown 2.0, but they aren’t really opening themselves up to any other players. I don’t see how you can win this game when you act all scorned like that.

Ian and Britney are talking up in the HOH room and it sounds like Ian’s ready to jump ship. Sounds like Dan and Danielle are solid with Shane and Britney. They’re actually calling it an alliance right now and they’re trying to gain Ian’s loyalty. He’s struggling with it a bit though. I honestly think it’d be in his best interest to ditch Boogie and Frank. They’re slowly getting into Willie territory over there.

Danielle really doesn’t want Boogie playing for the Veto, so he will of COURSE be selected to play in the Veto competition. Danielle draws Shane’s name (lucky), Frank draws Jenn (whatever), and Wil draws Ian. WHAT?! Frank is screwed if Danielle, Shane, Will, or Ian win. Jenn isn’t going to do anything. How’s Frank going to swing this?

Janelle and Frank are chatting now. Janelle’s feeding Frank some sob story about how nobody’s going to want to work with her in this house. Britney doesn’t like this one bit. Sounds like Britney and Danielle really want Janelle gone. Dan’s freaking out again because he’s so desperate to get all 4 coaches together. GIVE UP DAN.

Veto time. Vetime. Timeto. TIME TO SWING FOR THE FENCES GUYS! They are going to be rolling a ball up a ramp and trying to land it in a grid of numbered squares. Is there any rhyme or reason as to which numbers are placed where on the grid? Not that I can tell. Anyways, after each round of rolls, the person who scores the lowest gets eliminated and gets to pick a prize. It’s structured like a gift exchange where you pick a prize then decide whether you want to keep it or trade with someone else. Shane is the first person out. He goes over to his box of crackerjacks and picks… the Veto. Wil is the second person eliminated and he gets a Veto ticket. He trades it for the Veto. Jenn gets a Maui vacation. Britney’s bitter because Jenn, who’s pretty much the biggest floater in the house at the moment, won the vacation. Ian is out 4th. He reaches into his box and gets “It’s a Dog’s Life”. He must wear a dog costume and live outside in a dog house. He can only leave if someone takes him for a walk on a leash. IAN OPTS TO KEEP THE DOG’S LIFE! He could have had a Maui vacation, but he keeps the punishment! As Boogie says, Ian’s there for the experience and he wants that authentic Big Brother experience, even though he could have had that authentic Maui experience. Frank gets eliminated 5th. He takes the Veto from Wil. Danielle picks the “Spiritard” and trades it with Frank for the Veto. Duh.

Frank’s now wearing his nice purple spiritard and loving it. Ian’s wearing his dog suit and is ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT! “This is better than the have-not bed” Ian says as he enters the dog house. “Um, this is bizarre, but do you have to go to the bathroom?” Boogie asks Ian as he chills in his dog house. Boogie thought he was picking the dream team, but… well, look for yourself:

Ian gets walked up to the HOH room and decides to join the DBSD alliance. Britney starts throwing out alliance names. “Quack Pack”, “Duck Squad”, “Duck Tale”… I’m not sure why they chose “ducks” as the theme, but they’re now the “freaking Quack Pack”.

Boogie’s now soliciting Danielle on the prospect of removing Janelle from the house. He wants to form an alliance with her, Frank, Dan, Britney, and Shane. Like The Avengers, he says. Sounds like he’s actually getting through to her. Interesting. Boogie’s now trying to sell the deal to Dan. He makes a good point… Nobody’s really doing anything with Janelle’s crew. They’re kind of on the outs with everyone. Janelle has now intruded on the little meeting and brought Britney along for the ride. All four coaches are now finally in a room together and Janelle’s now asking that they all work together. Janelle says “Get rid of the newbies” and Boogie’s saying “No. I will not get rid of Frank.” Boogie doesn’t trust Janelle. He wants her to get rid of one of her players to build some trust. Boogie says “Let’s get rid of Joe tomorrow.” Janelle shuts down. Everyone gets worried. Britney and Janelle leave. “Well that clearly is never going to work.” I think they’ve now realized that the four coaches will never work together.  Sounds like Dan is on board with Boogie and Frank. What a reversal that was.

The Quack Pack is having a meeting. Sounds like they’ve decided to get rid of Janelle. WOW. Danielle’s going to use the Veto on Frank. They’ve invited Frank and Boogie up to confirm the details of the agreement. They’re keeping it hush-hush, so they’re now the Silent Six. Poor Ian. Janelle comes up to the room and knocks on the door. Nobody answers.

Guys, WHAT IS JANELLE WEARING?! Can we talk about this for a moment? It’s gross!

Veto meeting. Danielle uses the Power of Veto to remove Wil (I was wrong) and throws up Janelle. Britney looks fake-shocked. Janelle’s completely blind-sided, saying that she would have put on makeup if she knew that this was a possibility. She says that she’s not going down without a fight. Good luck Janelle. Boogie and Frank are still doing the Chilltown thing in the diary room. Cute.

Alright, that’s all for now. I’m out of energy. BYEEEEZZZ.


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