Blog Brother Episode 13 – Just Eating Cookies!


Janelle wants to know what’s up. Britney’s like “I’M SO SURPRISED!!!” Danielle’s like “They all told me that you were coming after me!” and Janelle’s like “WHAT?! Who told you this?” “Lots… of… people?” Danielle’s just lying out of her teeth and I think that maybe she’s digging herself into a hole, because eventually all of these lies are going to come tumbling down.

I’ll hand it to Boogie. Despite his huge ego and his bad attitude, he did orchestrate a pretty big move, and let’s be clear – he did orchestrate it.

Janelle’s campaigning hardcore. Dan and Britney are lying to her, telling her that she’s safe, but Britney’s cracking. She can’t stand lying. Britney doesn’t have it in her to be this mean person (unless she’s in the diary room. Don’t worry Britney, I still love you.).

Let’s watch highlights of Ian being a dog! Fun. At least he’s got a good attitude. I’d like to think that I’d have that bit of Ian in me if I were on Big Brother.

Time to talk to Ian and Ashley’s families! “Just eating cookies! Story of my life!” “Adorable.” Ian’s mom says that Ian wants a hot girl… with brains. “What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen?” “Um… my mom’s belly.” Ashley doesn’t have the greatest vocabulary. Ashley’s mom adores Ian. He thinks that Ashley should go into an alliance with him. Ian would probably be down for that. According to Ashley’s mom, they are the true life Leonard and Penny from Big Bang Theory. And all of a sudden I hate Ian and Ashley. Huh. Too bad that relationship is absolutely doomed. Spoilers.

TIME TO VOOOOTTTEEEE! Frank says to keep it classy. Janelle says “If you can’t vote to keep me, no hard feelings.” YEAH. RIGHT.

Danielle – HOH

Frank – Nominated

Janelle – Nominated

Boogie – Janelle

Jenn – Janelle

Joe – Frank

Wil – Janelle

Ashley – Janelle

Britney – Janelle

Shane – Janelle

Dan – Janelle

Ian – Janelle

Jodi – Evicted

Kara – Evicted

Willie – Removed

Jojo – Evicted

Janelle, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house.

By a vote of 8-1, Janelle is eliminated from Big Brother. First coach is gone. Big moves. Frank lives to fight another day. It’ll be interesting to see how things unfold from here, considering that Frank and Boogie are no longer the outcasts they were at the start of the week.

Janelle’s not surprised that she’s eliminated. She takes it as a compliment. Why did she hit the reset button? “Um… because I wanted to play.” That’s a pretty good reason I guess. This interview is a bit awkward. Janelle’s not giving Julie much for answers. Janelle doesn’t think that Boogie can win because the target is too big… but she’s rooting for Dan?

FRANK IS ABSOLUTELY DISTRAUGHT! Dan and Britney both seem apologetic for voting out Janelle. Boogie does not. “For the third time, always the bridesmaid, never the Big Brother bride!” “What a loser.” “I was going to ask you for your final thoughts, but I think we just got them. Anything to add?” “Screw you Mike Boogie. I HOPE YOU LOSE!”

BIG BROTHER BATTLE OF THE BANDS!!! HOH COMPETITION! They’ll play a song describing a competition played this summer. The houseguests must face off 1-on-1, and identify whether or not the competition being described is from an HOH competition, a Coaches competition, or a Veto competition. The first person to buzz in and get the song right stays in the game and picks the next 2 combatants. I’m not going to both recapping the songs and their answers because who cares? Not me. Frank wins HoH for a second time. Looks like the Silent Six (plus Ian?) have the power for another week. If I had to guess, I’d say Joe and Wil are nominated next week. I mean, Frank’s in an alliance with 6 of the 10 possible nominees and is anyone actually threatened by Jenn and Ashley?

Alright… THAT’S IT!


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