Blog Brother Episode 15 – ZING!!!

UGH GUYS IT’S ANOTHER EPISODE OF BLOG BROTHER!!!! I’m eating while watching this episode, so you’ll get what you get.

Guys, honest question – does anyone actually like Joe? Like… he’s sooo obnoxious and he hasn’t really shown that he can play this game in any way. He doesn’t excel physically or socially. I guess that makes him a perfect target for Frank and Boogie. They’ve gone to work, trying to tell each nominee exactly what they want to hear. Joe’s buying it, Wil isn’t.

Britney’s polling Shane on his feelings for Danielle and he’s admitting that he doesn’t like her as much as she likes him. Poor Danielle’s gunna get her heartbroken.

Frank took his spiritard off.

Ashley feels bad cause her back is ouchy.

Wil is searching for allies.

Wil’s idea of hell is an all-boys catholic school. He never contemplated suicide, so he turned to music.

Maybe I’ll just do this entire post in point form.

Danielle’s being a very good non-homophobe at the moment. SHE’S TRULY GROWING AS A PERSON!!! Totes so proud of her.

Alright, who’s playing in this veto comp? Frank, Joe, and Wil, OBVY! But also Jenn, Ashley (lol), and Boogie.


Ashley: “Your smile lights up the room. Too bad it’s the only thing about you that’s bright! ZING!” (“Excuse me Zingbot, but do you know how bright you have to be to be a spray tanner? … um… A LOT!”)

Shane: “My 5 year old niece called, she wants her pink tank top back! ZING!”

Britney: “I have a half-million dollars to donate. Please tell me more about the charity you gave yours to. I think it was called ‘The Brigade’. ZING!”

Joe: “How does it feel to be the old man of the house? Oh, sorry Boogie, I didn’t see you there! ZING!”

Ian: “For a chemical engineering student, it’s amazing how little chemistry you have with… the ladies! ZING!”

Jenn: “You have a lot in common with a gossip magazine. You’re both covered in… bad ink! ZING!”

Frank: “Little orphan Annie would ‘prec if you would stop stealing her hairdo! ZING!” (“I don’t know who little orphan Annie is. I’m not as old as Boogie. Zing.” Weak.)

Danielle: “I hear Shane’s going to give you a special gift after the season… a restraining order! ZING!” Harsh.


VETO COMPETITION! ZINCUBATOR! So the houseguests need to build a pipeline out of a bunch of parts. Once it’s finished, they need to use a magnet to transport a metal ball through the pipes to the transformer to birth the Zingbaby or whatever. Sorry, it’s not a metal ball, it’s zingtonium. Who wrote this, James Cameron?! ZING!”

I think Ashley broke a nail. She doesn’t really do that many puzzles on a regular basis. No figure. Ian’s helping Boogie with the puzzle. Britney’s helping Shane. Dan says that taking puzzle-solving advice from Britney is like taking dating advice from Ian (zing). Some of the houseguests zings are really lame. Britney made a comment about Boogie’s botox eyebrows. Um… there was another one I didn’t care about. Frank looks to be the first one done. He’s transporting his zingtonium. Nobody else is even close. Frank wins veto. “IT’S A BOT!” Baby Zingbot 4000!

The Silent Six alliance is one built on paranoia. Britney and Dan do not trust Boogie. They see Ian as the swing vote. Jenn, Wil, and Ashley are saying that if Frank doesn’t use the Veto to put up Dan or Shane, then he’s an idiot. So Ashley and Wil go upstairs to talk Frank into putting Dan up on the block and promise that they’ll support him. Frank was apparently already considering this move. So much for the Silent Six. Britney gets Ian to go upstairs and do some investigating. Frank tells Ian that he’s gunning for Dan. Ian gets worried and starts protesting. Very obviously I might add. I’m worried about the Quack Pack. Ian’s now going back to report to Britney and Danielle.

So Frank tells Boogie that he’s thinking of getting rid of Dan… and Boogie is not pleased. Boogie wants to work with Dan. Boogie does not want Dan gone. So Frank seems to be the only one considering betraying the Silent Six. Frank could bring this entire house down if he makes this move. Frank’s main argument is that while Dan is loyal to Boogie, he’s not loyal to Frank. If it came down to the 3 of them, Frank would be gone. It’s a legitimate concern, but not at this point of the game. It’s only been 1 week since the reset. Nobody’s even gone to the jury house. This is end game stuff you’re talking about and this is effectively the 2nd eviction. Frank needs to chill out, because as Boogie says, if he goes through with this, he and Frank are done.

And… all that talk was for nothing, because Frank doesn’t use the Veto. TA DA! The Quack Pack and the Silent Six live to fight another week. AND SO DO I! ZING! (Yup, that’s the best ending I could come up with).


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