Blog Brother Episode 18 – Then You Add Them All Together


“Shane done lost his mind!” according to Boogie. Yes Boogie, if both of you stay, Shane’s in trouble. This is true of every single nomination EVER. Schemers can’t be mad when schemers scheme against them. Time for the Silent Six to stand revealed (maybe)!

What the hell is Shane doing? Boogie and Frank what answers and Shane is just lying out his ass. He claims that he did it because of the question mark cube and Joe. VERY CONVINCING SHANE! He refuses to throw Ian and Britney under the bus, though. This is awwkkkward. I have no idea what he’s doing. Boogie and Frank have him on the ropes. Now he’s throwing Britney under the bus. Shane’s agreeing with Boogie and Frank that Britney is using him. Boogie’s telling Shane that if he works with them to fix this situation, they can still be friends. Boogie’s sights seem to be set squarely on Britney. Now Shane’s telling Britney what he said and she doesn’t seem very impressed. “I didn’t really um… completely throw you under the bus?” Very convincing Shane.

So Britney went and tried to clear the air with Frank and Boogie. They weren’t hearing any of it. Now Britney’s super pissed off at Shane. She thinks she’s going to go down because of what Shane did, and maybe she will. Shane’s a bit of an idiot. So… yeah. There may be some fractures in the Quack Pack.

Now Frank and Boogie are telling Ian that Dan was the one who betrayed them. Oh boy. Ian’s actually getting away with this and he is so proud of himself.

And the witch hunt continues. I’m not going to bother recapping it all. Boogie and Frank are just blaming everyone who WASN’T responsible for them going up and the Quack Pack is sticking together and covering for Ian.

Time to play for the Veto. Shane picks Jenn. Boogie gets houseguests choice and picks Ian (lol). Frank also draws houseguests choice and picks Ashley. Ooo, that’s a good draw for Chilltown 2.0.

It’s time for BIG BROTHER CANDYWORLD. Ashley’s so excited because she loooves candy! Wait, Ian’s planning on throwing the Veto? HUH? Bad move. Alright, so there are a bunch of things of candy and they need to guess how much candy is there. The person who guesses the closest gets a lollypop. If you’re farthest, you’re eliminated, but you can choose to fold if you’d like, which doesn’t eliminate you? I wasn’t listening. Ashley’s strategy for counting the candy is the picture method, where you picture everything as a picture and count how many pictures fit into the pictures? In the first round, everyone guesses around 650. Jenn says… 2,400? Hilarious. Boogie and Shane are sitting in their booths going “What?” Boogie ends up getting eliminated. Frank wins. In the next round, they have to count how many lollypops are adorning the topiary tree. In Ashley’s mind, she’s thinking “How many bushels of lollypops can fit into the tree? You have to double it because it’s a 3D object, so… 12 times 12, then you add them all together!” What? Jenn’s eliminated. Frank’s got 2 lollypops. No one else has any. Time to figure out how many pounds of candy hearts there are. Frank says 200 (ish). Ashley says 22. WOW. Shane wins and Ian is eliminated. Time to count candy dots. I’m doing an awful job of recapping this competition, but I don’t really care. It’s kind of complicated. Anyways, Shane gets eliminated. Ashley gets a lollypop. Now it’s down to Frank and Ashley. Ashley’s petting her lollypop. Ashley ends up… folding… meaning that Frank wins regardless. Ashley… you are… such… an idiot. Wow. See for yourself:

So Frank wins the Veto. The Quack Pack are panicking.

Guys, I’m really sorry about that Veto recap. That is just… wow, what a mess. Not as bad as Ashley’s performance however.

Boogie’s going around, attempting to rally the troops. Will they convince Shane to put up Dan??? Wow, Boogie’s starting to cry, trying to win Britney to his side. Wow, this is the worst crying ever. EVER.

I think that this is Boogie maybe trying to cry almost?

So yeah… a lot of stuff happened, but it was all very repetitive. Anyways, Frank uses the Veto on himself and Shane decides to put Jenn up as the replacement. Not too surprising. Shane had to put up someone who wasn’t a part of his alliance, and Joe had already sworn his fealty, so it was either her or Ashley. Big episode… but slightly boring episode. BUT DOUBLE EVICTION IS COMING! SOOO EXCITING! C U THEN!


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