Blog Brother Episode 19 – Mic Check 1-2-1-2, I’m Out


So Boogie’s devastated. Ian walks into the room and goes “tough decision this week”. Boogie and Frank are like “Uh… uh… are you ****ing kidding right now?” and Ian goes “No… I mean… it’s tough to choose between 2 teammates…” and Boogie’s like “You’re NOT sure you’re voting for me?” and Ian has to recover quickly and go “Oh no, yeah, of course I’m voting to keep you, I was just saying… um… it’s hard.” Ian… you’re on thin ice here.

Boogie and Frank are now confronting Shane in the kitchen and calling him out. Boogie says that this is great for Dan because he’s now #2 on the hit list. Dan’s trying to silently read while Boogie says “You just going to ignore me all week Dan? Come on… I tip my hat to you. Let’s laugh about this whole thing.” Dan remains calm and silent. Boogie’s really trying to get under Dan’s skin. Ian’s sitting there watching Dan take it. “All I ask of Dan is don’t do wrong by Ian…” Dan’s going to SNAP. He already can’t stand that he’s taking all of this heat for Ian.

Jenn is now telling Ian that she’s going to raise hell. She’s just going around the house badmouthing Shane to everyone she can find. Ultimately, I’m sure nothing will come of it, but… you never know.

Time to reveal the double eviction to the houseguests. None of them seem surprised. What is interesting to note is that the second houseguest evicted will become the first jury member.

“Let’s go New England Patriots, mic check 1-2-1-2, I’m out.” TIME TO VOTE!

Shane – HOH

Boogie – Nominee

Jenn – Nominee

Ashley – Jenn

Britney – Boogie

Joe – Boogie

Frank – Jenn

Dan – Boogie

Ian – Boogie

Danielle – Boogie

Wil – Evicted

Janelle – Evicted

Jodi – Evicted

Kara – Evicted

Willie – Removed

Jojo – Evicted

Boogie, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house.

By a vote of 5-2, Mike Boogie is evicted from the Big Brother house. BOOM. Huge move by the Quack Pack.

Boogie’s parting words to Frank? “Ian is not to be trusted.” Boogie did not see that one coming AT. ALL. In his goodbye message to Boogie, Ian said that he has nothing but admiration and respect for Boogie but admitted that since the reset he’s been working against Boogie in an alliance with Dan, Danielle, Shane, and Britney called The Quack Pack. He claimed that he learned from the best and that he was the one who masterminded Boogie’s demise. Boogie mouths “wow” and I could swear he was a little bit impressed and proud. “The Quack Pack? Oh my god!” Britney riffed on Boogie’s entire telephone thing and Boogie seemed to get a kick out of it, as did I.

Time for the HoH competition! And yes, it also annoys me when I use both “HoH” and “HOH” in the same post. The competition is one of those “Did this event happen before or after this other event” competitions. Ashley’s the only one who got the first question wrong. Joe, Jenn, and Dan are eliminated next. Frank’s the next to go out (for the record, I’d still be in the game). Britney, Ian, and Danielle all get the fourth question right. I guessed on question five and got it right. Danielle and Ian are the only ones remaining after Britney was eliminated. It’s a tie-breaker. “How many seconds did it take the lime team to win the Exsqueeze Me competition from the start horn to the finishing bell?” The correct answer is 419 seconds. Ian’s guess was lowest with 1000. IAN IS THE HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD! HOLY CRAP! Frank has got to be very, very nervous right now.

Alright, Ian’s about to do his nominations. Really, who can he pick besides Frank and Joe? Or… Frank and Ashley! Wow. THE COUPLE!!! I’m a bit surprised Ian nominated Ashley. Obviously she’s the pawn here. ONTO THE VETO COMPETITION!!!

Alright, so the houseguests are split into lanes that are colored like a rainbow. At the end of each is a pot of gold. They must run to the other end and find four-leaf clovers in a pile of yellow balls and return them to the pot of gold. They can only return one four-leaf clover at a time. Ian finds his first clover and takes the lead, but Frank isn’t far behind. Now Joe has one. I’m sorry, I wasn’t listening when Julie said how many they need to find. Apparently it was only two though, because Frank just won it. That was fast. Geez, how many times has Frank won the Veto? Five? Guess Ian’s not going to be able to take out both Frank and Boogie in one fell swoop. PS. Frank is PISSED. Honestly, I’m not really sure what Frank can do next week since the Quack Pack clearly has the numbers.

Alright, Veto meeting. Frank obviously uses it on himself. Ian puts up Joe in Frank’s place. Guess it’s “eliminate a floater” time on Big Brother 14.

Time for the second vote! Ashley’s giving a speech right now but I don’t really know what her she obviously not articulate. Yes Ashley, we know you can’t speak. Ashley runs out of time as she stumbles over her words “Ian, I thought you had my back…” Poor girl. Joe just stands up and makes some gestures. I have no idea what they meant, but… maybe the Quack Pack does? If they’re smart, they’ll probably get rid of Ashley… she’s Frank’s only remaining ally.

Ian – HoH

Ashley – Nominee

Joe – Nominee

Jenn – Ashley

Shane – Ashley       

Britney – Ashley

Frank – Joe

Danielle – Ashley

Dan – Ashley

Boogie – Evicted

Wil – Evicted

Janelle – Evicted

Jodi – Evicted

Kara – Evicted

Willie – Removed

Jojo – Evicted

Ashley, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house.

In a vote of 5-1, Ashley Locco is gone from the Big Brother house. Good move on the part of the Quack Pack. Frank’s going to be furious. Sigh… I fear that this show just got a lot less amusing. Guys, ASHLEY LOCCO IS THE FIRST MEMBER OF THE JURY! HOLY CRAP! HER LAST NAME IS LOCCO! SO FITTING! So much for that flirtmance Frank.

Wait, what? Her last name’s really Iocco? Well that’s disappointing.

“I can’t believe I’m HERE! I LOVE YOUR SIDE PONY!” Yup… Frank is pissed. He’s got a serious chip on his shoulder. Not a friend in the game. Ashley’s telling Julie that she made the house very mad because she was always considered a floater… until she teamed up with “Frank, Ian, and Boogs”. That put a target on her back. It’s true. Everyone knew that she was with Frank. She picked the wrong week to pick her allegiance.

Alright, time for ANOTHER HoH competition! Just kidding. No time for that this episode. You can look forward to that NEXT TIME on BLLLOOOGGGGGG BRROOOOTTTHHHHEERRRR! WOOO!


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