Blog Brother Episode 23 – Impact With A Comet Is Best Avoided

Annnnndddd we’re right back into it. HoH competition. Joe’s down (and set to be punished). Jenn’s down. Ian, Shane, Dan, and Danielle are the competitors remaining, and we know what’s going to happen if Dan or Danielle wins…

Man, Joe only lasted 2 minutes. Pah. Thetic. So Joe goes to get his “prize”… which is… 24 hours of hula hoop boot camp? Every time he hears trumpets, he needs to hula hoop until they stop. “If there’s one thing I noticed, that comet was orange and fiery, but comments are actually made of ice, so I don’t know what that was all about.” Nerd. Jenn lasted a grand total of 5 minutes.

So apparently Ian wants to get the Quack Pack back together… Oh Ian. OH IAN! Dan told him exactly what he wanted to hear. Now Dan’s trying to convince Shane that it’s a good idea to keep the 4 together. Dan’s clearly just trying to have allies on both sides, ensuring that no matter who goes home, he’s going to the end with someone. I can’t believe Ian and Shane are actually going to trust Dan, but… there it is.

Back to the HoH competition. Danielle drops after 34 minutes. That’s 29 minutes more than Jenn. I love the sound effect #CBS keeps throwing in whenever they hit the “comet”. It really embellishes things. And Dan drops after 43 minutes. Frank and Jenn are nervous. They’re pulling for Shane now. Little do they know that the Quack Pack is back together? Shane and Ian are in this thing for the long haul. It’s been over an hour. Ian’s teaching everyone about science. “Anybody that knows anything about science will definitely tell you that impact with a comet is best avoided.” Shane asks to speak to Ian alone. Ian guarantees that he and Danielle are safe. No back-doors. Shane hops off. 1 hour and 56 minutes. Ian wins HoH. It must kill Frank to have to give Ian that key. Dan just announced to the diary room that he’s rejoining his former team because he likes them better. Jeez, Dan’s brutal.

Danielle’s talking about how Shane’s her knight in shining armor. She appreciates how protective he’s being of her. It’s really cute. Too bad she can’t get his attention when he’s in the shower.

Joe’s telling Frank that he thinks that Ian will go after Dan because of what he did to Britney. Joe privately doesn’t want

Now Danielle and Jenn are having “girl talk” about her relationship with Shane. Haha. She’s so young and naïve. Danielle wants to kiss. “I thought he was your boyfriend?” Jenn says that Shane’s been referring to her as his girlfriend. The look on Danielle’s face is priceless. Hold up. If Shane wants this relationship to go forward, she is NOT okay with just two kisses. She needs more kisses. I’m sure that there’s a large contingent of people out there who find Danielle really annoying, but I think she’s kind of adorable.

Time to see Ian’s HoH room. Frank wishes he could rewind the game two weeks, because back then, he would have been so happy for Ian to win HoH. “If you heat up, like, a bismuth ingot, and then you pour it out of a crucible really slowly it makes this really awesome stair-step rainbow thing. YES! Swagger.” Haha, nobody has any idea what he’s talking about. Then he fascinates everyone by telling them that bismuth is found in Pepto Bismol. It’s also used to make fireworks green. Those are the two main uses he can think of.

It’s his favorite element.

QUACK PACK MEETING! Shane’s sitting on Snakey’s tale. Ian wants Frank and Jenn up. No surprise there. Man, Dan is kind of despicable. He’s all “I know I swore on my life and my wife… but… well… I gotta do what I gotta do.” That’s cold man.

“There’s nothing fun about watching a middle-aged, overweight, half-naked guy jump up on his bed and do a hula hoop at midnight.”

Looks fun to me…

Frank’s trying to convince Ian to work with him. Frank’s telling him that he’s alone in this house right now. Of course, Ian’s not, but he can’t let Frank know that. I like Frank. He’s a good game player. He doesn’t take things personally and he’s very adaptable. He’s level-headed. I don’t think Frank’s going to convince Ian to betray the Quack Pack, BUT, Frank can’t participate in the HoH next week, meaning he’s not as big of a threat. Maybe he’s bought himself a week?

And the carrot costume comes off… and Ian finds a Pandora’s Box!!! WOOOOOOO!!! I’ve already explained Pandora’s Box to you, so I hope you paid attention. There’s a bunch of presents underneath a tree in the Pandora’s Box room. WILL HE CHOOSE CHRISTMAS?! Has anyone ever not opened Pandora’s Box? How could you resist the temptation? I couldn’t. Ian decides to enter and is told that everything under the tree is his to keep. HAHAHAHAHAHA, IT’S JESSE! Actually, it’s Jesse Claus. Ahem. I wonder how Jesse feels about the fact that they keep making him a Pandora’s Box punishment? I forgot that Jesse and Dan were in the house together. I can never remember who was on which season. So Jesse brought in a bunch of health food and now he’s going to remove a bunch of junk food.

“Sodium silicate magic rocks… awesome!” Oh Ian. Never change.

Oh Ian, you have no idea.

Jesse keeps calling them fat.

“Yeeeeeaaaahhhhhhh! Allll riigghhhtttt!!!! $1000 bucks!!!”

“What do you consider these?” “Deliciousness.” “Deliciousness? Fatness. FATNESS!”

“On the 12th day of Christmas, Mr. Pecktacular made you all a little less fat.”

Thank you Mr. Pecktacular.

Frank’s been nominated every week that he hasn’t been HoH. Or just about. Wow. And now Dan’s going to stab him in the back. Unless he doesn’t get evicted. In which case, the Dan/Frank alliance is back on. Devious. DEVIOUS.

Ian’s now considering not nominating Frank. I don’t think Dan is really down with that idea. Man, can you imagine if Frank and Dan both made it to the final? Who do you choose out of the two of them? Dan will have played a better game strategically, but Frank’s been so dominant physically and would have overcome so many odds. Tough choice. I’m sure it won’t happen.

Time for nominations. Shane is safe. Danielle is safe. Joe is safe. Dan is safe. Frank and Jenn are the two nominees this week. NICE EDITING #CBS! NICE TRY! DIDN’T FOOL ME THOUGH!! Aight, I’m out. Until next time (which I’m sure will be in the next 12 hours).


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