Untitled Podcast Episode 2 – #AndrewStewart4Letterman

[UPDATE: So… apparently free Soundcloud accounts are limited to a grand total of 2 hours of content, which means that in week 2, we far exceeded the amount we were allotted. So Soundcloud is out. We haven’t found an alternative yet, so you’re getting this week’s episode (which is a few days late and we are very sorry about that) directly from DropBox. Due to this late posting, some of the things discussed in this week’s podcast are a tad out of date, but please bear with us as we work out all of the kinks. As always, thanks for listening!]

Well, it’s official. THIS IS AN ACTUAL PODCAST WITH MORE THAN ONE EPISODE!!! Week 2 was a huge week for us. I’m dreadfully sorry if you’re one of the people that can’t stand long podcasts, because this one is a doozy, clocking in at 2 hours and 24 minutes!!! We had a ton to discuss, but lucky for you, we’ve decided to do things a little differently this week.

What we’ve done this week is time-stamp the episode (roughly) to let you know when we’re talking about what, particularly in regards to things with spoilery elements. So if that’s you, and you only want to listen to a certain part (or you’d like to avoid a certain part), here you go:

36:00 – 46:00: Walking Dead Season 4 Finale discussion
54:00 – 1:37:35: Captain America: The Winter Soldier/Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. discussion
1:38:35 – 2:18:30: How I Met Your Mother Series Finale discussion

We’ve also decided to allow you, our much-beloved viewer, to vote on a name for our podcast! Here are your options (a fifth was added after the podcast was recorded):

1. I’m An Adult
2. Shut Your (W)Hole Mouth
3. Talky Night in Canada
4. The Voice Over
5. Fire Everything!

Let us know which one you like best/feel best represents our podcast!

Also in this episode:
– Jeff Irwin
– HarmonQuest
– Dungeons & Dragons & Ice T
– The Official Campaign to get Andrew Stewart as host of The Late Show
– How to be a Pokemon Master
– The Expendabelles are expendable
– Shows Andrew has finished recently
– Nicola Peltz is legal!
– The prettiest game on the PS4


[audio https://dl.dropbox.com/s/l16ntat7jgxpoq1/Untitled%20Podcast%20Episode%202%20-%20%23AndrewStewart4Letterman.mp3 ] [audio https://dl-web.dropbox.com/get/Untitled%20Podcast%20Episode%202%20-%20%23AndrewStewart4Letterman.mp3?_subject_uid=2783397&w=AAAkx2_n4PP6DOxE3sHFZ7N11dJfE9dJRKLri0755qOT9g ]

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